When You Brood More Than You Write



Today I wrote about brooding. Surprising, right?! 😉 If you’ve ever felt as though all you do is obsess about creative projects instead of getting anything accomplished, I would like to hope this post would offer you some encouragement. It considers brooding from a different angle. 

I’m sharing it here, on my own blog, because I think some of you may also like to read it because I delve into my motivations for writing.

The post, “When You Brood More Than You Write,” is on the blog of the press I work for. Here is a snippet.

Brooding is uncomfortable. Embarrassing. It’s difficult to see the point, and while I wonder what the point could be, I brood some more. What should I do with my book? Should it be fiction or nonfiction? Should I scrap the manuscript and start over?

More than anything, I wrestle with what it means to write in a way that honors the people among whom I grew up, in sub-Saharan West Africa. I vividly remember my farewell feast in northern Benin. Nineteen years old, I was leaving West Africa to pursue a university writing degree in the USA. The community outdid itself on the food. All my favorite dishes. And there were speeches, of course. I made a speech, too. In my best Baatonu, I said I would not forget. I said they were my people. Always would be my people.

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4 thoughts on “When You Brood More Than You Write

  1. what an amazing article! i love her “brooding” words that cause us to think deeper and seek Him in all we do so we can go deeper and find out what it really inside us waiting to process it’s way out!
    bravo tineke! great job…she’s obviously an excellent writer 😉

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